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Test saddle

If you want to know if a felt saddle is the riding equipment you want or need, you can order a test saddle.

To borrow a saddle for one week is 15€ plus delivery. Every week more is another 15€.

After we've received the payment, we send the saddle as fast as possible. Sometimes, you have to wait some days.

Currently, we have about 80 saddles to try. As soon as the right saddle returns, we will send it out again. We like to know your preferences but we cannot guarantee that the saddle will come exactly like you ordered it.

If you like to keep the test saddle, we offset the rental. Unfortunately, this is only possible when you keep the test saddle, not with a freshly ordered saddle later on. Otherwise, we could not offer this service.

Also for this reason, the return of the saddle has to go to your account.

The new created Inside - Extra Easy - with one cussion more for the horse and a wider adjustment to the riders muscles gives an even slimmer seat and more comfort for the horse. Recommended for horses with no ideal muscles around the spine and giving the rider an extra slim seat even on round horses. This can also be tested.

When you send back the test saddle, please clean it carefully.

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