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Fit of the saddle

To offer a fitting felt saddle for every horse, it’s available in two different wither types.
The model “Saffa” is suitable for horses with low to middle withers. If you’re searching for a saddle for higher withers, the model “L’amour” is the right one for you. There are also saddles for Shetland ponies because their back is too short for a normal felt saddle. The versions “Saffa” and “L’amour” are available in the models Skuggi, Klassik, Barock or Minimal. Despite the visual differences, the sitting characteristics are the same for all our saddle types.
When you ride on the felt saddle for the first time, you should pay attention that the hollows for the thighs are on the right and left of the spine behind the withers. Only when they're positioned correctly, you can enjoy all of the riding characteristics of the felt saddle. While you’re fastening the girth, you should also make sure that the saddle straps run diagonally towards the front, in the direction of the girth area to guarantee the optimal fit of the saddle. With loving attention to the horse, please always fasten carefully.
Special production possible, fitting the back of your horse!
If you have any further questions, please contact us!

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