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Logo felt saddle

Our logo - the Peruvian Paso and the levade horse - is on every saddle, except if you mention it.

If you like, you can pick the color you like. If you don't decide on one, we take the same color as the comfort cussion.

Your own embroidery

If you want to have your very individual saddle, we add an embroidery you like.

Either you can have your own logo - see below - or e.g. the name of your horse, your initals or any other.

Up to 10 letters, this service costs 25€, each additional letter 2€ more. You can choose between all commonly used word types.

Your own logo

As mentioned, you can have your own logo embroidered on the saddle. As we have do have those made, we can only estimate the price here. All logos are max. 15 cm wide.


When choosing an already existing logo one-sided the price is around 40€ per side. When choosing the embroidery of the already existing logo on both sides the price is 80€.

When choosing for your own logo to be embroided on your felt saddle the costs are as follows:

  • embroidery on one side      -  110€

  • embroidery on both sides   -  150€

Once we have a logo made for you, you can ask for it and we send the data. So you may use it also for other purposes.

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