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Felt Saddle Skuggi
Felt Saddle Model Minimal

With it's curved shape, the "Skuggi" looks quite sportive.


A saddle for those who want to have minimal, but best functional equipment on the horse.

Felt Saddle Model Barock

Its extraordinary shape makes this saddle a real eye-catcher.

Modell Dressage_edited.jpg
Felt Saddle Model Klassik

With the clear lines, this saddle looks very elegant.

Even though the outline varies, the feeling in the different saddles is the same with corresponding upholstery. If necessary, we can change the filling and the position of the girth straps to the needs of rider and horse.

The standard length of the saddle is 50 cm.

The standard length of the saddle flaps is 45 cm.


If you want to have more cover on your horse, but no baroque tip.

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