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Reflektor-ausstattung Filzsattel, ideal für Ausritte

So that you and your horse can be clearly seen in the dark, we now offer a new reflector package. This consists of a reflective logo, reflective pasps around the saddle and along the comfort padding, reflective finishes on the front and back of the saddle, and reflective Biothane straps. We offer these straps in the colors black, dark brown, bordeaux, blue, violet, neon green and neon pink. All reflector options can be ordered individually. The surrounding pasp with the reflective saddle finishes can also be retrofitted.

Reflector package: 79€

Reflective logo: 39€

Reflective Biothane straps: €29

Reflective pasps: €49

Retrofitting the surrounding pasp: 49€


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