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Mobile Mounting Aid - Filzhopp

We were asked again and again: how can you get on in a felt saddle without a stool? What do I do in the countryside if I can't find a suitable object to get on my horse?
So I researched, worked myself through many alternative method, thought about them and tried them out - and then came up with the Filzhopp.
The idea is that when mounting, the rider is held by the horse's opposite leg. The counter-pull is placed around the horse's right front leg, and then the loop is closed. The felt trapeze, under which the loop and the stirrup are connected, is placed on the left side of the withers. This trapeze also serves as a handle. The "stirrup" now hangs down to the left and the rider can mount on the horse. Sitting in the saddle you can now open the loop again and remove the felt bag. For transport on the horse, it can be stowed away in the pouch provided (see video).
The Filzhopp consists mainly of felt and is made in such a way that horse and rider cannot injure themselves in the event of a fall.
The Filzhopp costs €59 in the colors in stock and €69 in the color of your choice. Albfelt: 79€

All parts of the Filzhopp are protected as a utility model by the DPMA.


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