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 Kinderreitsattel Ponysattel aus Filz
Kinderreitsattel, Ponysättel aus Filz

It is often difficult to find a suitable saddle for small or very small ponies, which is also suitable for mostly small riders. We have been offering saddles for these horses for some time now. Saddles can be ordered in Shetland or Welsh size. The interior differs only in the cut, but not in the style in comparison to the large saddles. The purchase price is a bit less than the normal-sized models and is manufactured as a Barock, Skuggi, Dressage or Klassik model.


Since children always have narrow hips, we only offer the pony saddles as a comfort version. The additional Extra Easy is also possible. Standard and VARIO saddle girths are possible from a length of 30 cm.

Of course, these saddles can be tested as a normal saddle or as a children's saddle - with a handle to hold onto. We will also be happy to send you a saddle girth. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help.

Personalisierte und maßgeschneiderte Ponysättel aus Filz
Personalisiert und maßgeschneiderte Ponysättel aus Filz - Comfortvariante
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