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Goody- and Mobile Phone Bags

Our new goody bag, made from 100% merino wool felt, consists of a compartment for treats and another compartment that can comfortably accommodate a mobile phone. So everything stays close to you, should the paths of horse and rider go their separate ways.


In addition, a small carabiner is sewn in, to which a key can be securely attached. Further, there is a flat compartment for a banknote, credit card or ID in the frontal cover of the bag. The bag can be worn around the waist with the sewn-in, adjustable strap that closes with a click fastener. The treats are stored separately from the mobile phone and therefore cannot make the phone dirty. The bag can be closed quickly and securely with the magnetic closure.


It measures approx. 13.5 x 18 x 4 cm and can be ordered in one or two colors.

The price also includes an embroidery pattern -  either a name, initials, a letter with decoration (3), the logo horses of the felt saddle (2), various brandings if available, a flower pattern (1) , an Islandic horse in "tölt" (4) or the fleur de lys (5).


Your own logos can also be embroidered for an additional charge.


Price including embroidery pattern and belt strap: 45€

When ordering, please indicate the felt color(s) in the order flap/bag, the pattern or the name and the embroidery color in the "Remarks" text field.

Example: for the 2nd bag from the top here in the pictures, the order should be:

anthracite / bright red; Fleur de Lys, bright red.

Goody/Phone bag with fleur de lys
Leckerlitäschchen aus Filz
Leckerlitäschchen, Wollfilz, Filz, Filzartikel
Leckerlitasche, Handytasche, Wollfilz, Filzartikel
Handytasche, Leckerlitasche, Filzartikel, Wollfilz
Leckerlitasche, Handytasche, Wollfilz
Leckerlitasche, Handytasche, Wollfilz, Filzartikel
Leckerlitashen, Handytascen Wollfilz
Handytasche Leckerlitasche Wollfilz
Handytasche, Leckerlitasche, Wollfilz, Filzartikel
different goodybags
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