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Stirrup Blanket 

After being asked so often about stirrups, I have now come up with a solution. I have developed a blanket that is placed under the saddle. This way pressure in the stirrups cannot pull down the saddle. The pressure is distributed over the entire surface of the blanket, but not across the horse's spine. Due to the large surface area, there is no punctual pressure and the rider can easily compensate for a bounce or put his feet down comfortably in the stirrup. The blanket is made of thick, strong, resistant felt to withstand this load. Please ask for available colors.


Stirrup blankets are available to match your saddle.

The saddle blanket is made of 5-8 mm thick, very durable felt  209€

This felt is not available in all colors, but the blankets can often be sewn in your desired color:

Wollweiß in 10mm +50€

Albfilz  - double      + 44€

The stirrup blanket can be ordered under "Saddle Blankets". Please indicate the desired form under "remarks". Of course, it can also be added to a saddle later. If you have any questions, I will be happy help you!


Of course, we also offer matching stirrup straps. To ensure that the buckle does not disturb neither the horse nor the rider's leg, it is covered with a matching colored felt cover, which is included in the price.


Stirrup straps, Biothane, black or brown with felt cover 44€

Stirrup straps, leather, black, brown, cognac or natural with felt cover 90€

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