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About the Felt Saddle

With loving attention to detail

Our felt saddle is exclusively produced in manual labor in Germany. The felt for the upper side can be chosen in a mottled or clear color. The bottom side also completely consists of felt which is dirt resistant and washable. Because our felt is a completely natural product, there can be color variations. There are six different standard colors available. But we’re able to satisfy nearly every possible color request. The inside of the felt saddle is filled with several foams that don’t get flattened even after very long usage. In this way, shape and firmness stay warranted. The straps are made of Biothane, which has got an extreme firmness and is very easy to wash. For an extra charge, you can also purchase the saddle with leather straps. The garnish strip in the middle of the saddle is made of easy-care alcantara and refines the appearance.

With loving attention to the horse

A long time we’ve been searching for a joint between horse an rider which gives the possibility to feel the movements of the horse while protecting it’s back from the rider's bones. As we couldn’t find anything, we started to work on it ourselves and we are proud to say that we've managed to produce such a thing. The result is a light, comfortable, flexible and accommodative saddle which is perfectly suitable for the lanes and fields as well for dressage and just riding for fun. With a special combination of several layers of felt, foams and upholstery, we created a felt saddle with an excellent fit for the horse and a very high sitting comfort for the rider. The big advantage is that even without a tree and gullet plate, our saddle has a saddle-like sitting area. This helps the rider to get into a position in which the leg hangs loose and the hip is able to follow the motions of the horse in a relaxed way. The unique construction relieves the spine of the horse and keeps it free. The appropriate elaborated space helps that even high-withered horses are able to be ridden with this saddle. On purpose, we left the saddle without stirrups to avoid punctual pressure on the withers.

Exact influence, fine assistance

Our felt saddle is designed in a way that it allows the finest weight aids from the rider and enables more sensitive riding than a conventional saddle. Hence, the horse can be guided with very light assistance and for the rider it’s even easier to balance the seat independently. With the felt saddle, you’re also able to learn the three characteristics of a good seat or rather to improve them: The first is not to disturb the horse in it’s movements and to tolerate it’s motions; second, to feel the reactions of the horse better while you’re riding and last but not least, to influence the motions of the horse selectively to improve the balance in all speeds and gaits. The felt saddle supports the abilities to merge with the horse's movements, to develop an independent seat and to feel what’s going on inside the horse. But of course, you can just simply enjoy the proximity of your partner, the horse!

Riding on a Felt Saddle
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