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Albfilz - Sustainable, animal-friendly, ecological


Albfilz is felt that is exclusively made for "Der Filzsattel".


The sheep, from whose wool the felt is made, graze most of the year and are well looked after by your shepherdess Mrs. Wiedenmann-Riek.  Their home are the meadows of the Swabian Jura and thus by living there they protect this UNESCO biosphere reserve and this is how the juniper heath is preserved. Controlled grazing allows rare native orchids to flourish here.

Since sheep have to be shorn regularly to stay healthy, this felt can also be a good alternative for vegans.

The wool is then washed in the Ötztal sheep wool center and then taken to the felt factory near us.

There it is transformed into felt of the best quality according to my wishes and ideas.

The transport routes are as short as possible in order to achieve a good CO² balance, in line with the idea of kilometer zero production.

In Ballmertshofen we process the felt by hand into saddles, saddle girths, saddle blankets, dog or cat beds, bags and much more.

I am so happy that this felt has now become a reality. Thank you for my reliable partners who embarked on this adventure. So we can now present a unique product. All the work has paid off!


Currently we have thirteen colors in stock. These are from left to right: black, chocolate brown, caramel, woolwhite, aqua, midnightblue, plum, pumpkin, ruby, emerald, meadow, fern and forest.

Please also have a look on our color chart.

All colors are provided at a surcharge of 45€ per saddle. We are able to send you fabric samples as well, as the color in the pictures does not 100% represent the colors in real life.


We are currently working on more colors to be revealed over the course of 2023. We are more than happy to receive further wishes regarding the color selection!

Albfilz Farbfächer 2022 Mail.JPG


As our felts are natural products, there is the possibility for color deviations. For this reason, product exchanges on those grounds are not possible. We are more then happy to provide you with a fabric sample! 

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