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Children's Saddle
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The Children's Saddle Comfort can be used for riding with children or for patients who are already quite well balanced in horseback riding or hippotherapy. The front girth straps goe all the way around the horse's chest and over the withers as a loop to hold on to the saddle. This ensures a stable, firm hold.

Available from € 499 in all colors. Also available as a Comfort model with the additional Extra Easy.

The therapy saddle is attached to the horse with a surcingle or therapy belt (not included). This is held in position in a guide that can be attached under the top layer of felt to match the horse and girth. The overlying felt layer allows the leg to easily slide over the harness. The patient has an absolutely secure footing, but also learns to sit on the horse in a rider's seat. Since this saddle has to be tailored very much to the needs of rider, horse and therapist, we would be happy to advise you further before you place your order.

In order to be able to use the saddle without a therapy belt, attachable velcro girth straps are optionally available. The saddle can be used both as a therapy saddle and as a normal riding saddle. With the optional children's handle, people who do not need a therapy belt but still need a secure hold can ride on it. From €619 in all colors in standard size - this is always 5 cm longer than the normal model, as space is required for the therapy belt. This also applies to the slightly cheaper pony sizes. The therapy saddles are also available as a comfort model with additional Extra Easy.


Both the children's saddle and the therapy saddle are available in all color and shape combinations. 


As felt is a natural product, colors might vary. These variations are no reason to change/return a saddle.

All parts of the therapy saddles are protected as utility models by the DPMA.

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