Both, childrens  saddle as well as therapy saddle are available inall color and shape combinations.



As felt is a natural product, colors might vary. These variations are no reason to change/return a saddle.

Childrens Saddle

The childrens saddle is for young riders or those who got a little experience and don´t need a completely safe grip to hold on. The front strap is going all ovetr the saddle to give perfect safety to the rider.

The therapie saddle is fixed to the horse with a voltage  or therapie girth. (Not delieverd by us) With a small felt construction, which enables the rider to glide over the girth, it is fixed in place. The rider can hold on to the grip and is perfectly safe and also can sit in a normal riders position. As this product has to meet all the requirements of horse, therapist and rider, contact us for further information. We will help you to adjust the model to your wishes.


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