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Many riders want a nice, warm and soft fur cover, especially for rides in winter. This can now be ordered for all of our saddles or reordered for saddles that have already been purchased.

The skins come from grazing sheep and are tanned in an ecologically friendly manner. All products used are purely natural. That is why they can vary in color, density and hair length. The finished cover is simply pulled over the saddle and holds there like a book cover. You sit nice, soft and cuddly yet still narrow. The feeling of the horse is not affected either. The cover is available in wool white, dark brown, black and piebald.


When ordering again, please indicate the saddle number or the shape of the saddle.

Price for regular size: €159, price for oversized saddles: €199

Fellüberzug für Filzsättel, ideal für den Winter
Filzsattel mit Fellüberzug ideal für den Winter
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